Battle Drums


8.5' H x 8.5' D C 35' L

Project for Osnabruck, Germany.
Two elements.
Water jet cut corten steel, rotating motor, timer, lights.
The starting point for Battle Drums was the Varus Battle of 9 A.D. which took place near the site.
It is this swirl of death, here shown in revolving light, which underlines the universal outcome of all wars.
The battle was a massive attack employing thousands of spears hurdled into the air which rained on trapped and confused approaching Romans soldiers.
Like a torrential rain storm, long steel spears fell upon the approaching soldiers.
Battle Drums focuses on this action and subjects it to motorized revolutions of a turntable producing an endless pattern of cascading spears over and over again on the Romans figures.

Photo: Christian Grovermann, Osnabruck