Splash Buildings


Height 20 feet

Galvanized steel, steel rod, acrylic rod, globes, acrylic sphere, cast fiberglass, fasteners
Installation with seven elements
From a recent interview: Mr. Oppenheim: And I said, Okay, let's explore phenomena.
Let's see if there is a program out that could replicate in the virtual world the dynamics of phenomena like a water drop or an upheaval or an explosion and things like that.
I was after-I thought my show in Germany should be architecture, ideas for buildings.
And one idea was to approach a building as if it were the outcome of an event, an event being like an explosion or a water drop or a flood or a tidal wave.
And that led up to this Splash Building, this building that theoretically would be formed by the simple event of a water drop, a big teardrop.
Here's the teardrop again splashing upwards.

Scolacium Park, Catanzaro, Italy