Electric Kisses


Height 15 feet

Stainless steel, tinted acrylic rod, fasteners
Installation with two elements
Electric Kiss ia a shelter-objects partly inspired by the flattened tear drop shape of the classic chocolate kiss, which emanates from the way liquids behave under the force of gravity.
The shape of the Electric Kiss can be likened to that of the Russian onion dome.
It is believed that that onion domes were borrowed by Russians from Muslim countries.
However, even though I wish these associations to be present, the work firmly associates itself to the tear drop shape, and, more specifically, the occasion at which the classic chocolate kiss emanates.
This association, in my mind, most accurately ties the physical act of kissing to an architectural shape since the narrowing of the top portion of the structure is parallel to drawing in a breath at the ending of a gentle kiss.
The electrifying and pulsing light then carries this association from the domain of architecture into the realm of theater, or perhaps, dance.

Scolacium Park, Catanzaro, Italy